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Running Sleeves



Innovative Compression Compound System

Unique sleeves with degressive pressure profile* for allround usage in water and on land. The saltwater and chlorinated water resistant sleeve will entice you with its extremely thin material and high wearing comfort. The sock is quick and easy to put on in the transition area (triathlon). Together with the sleeve already worn in the water, it represents a fully-fledged, degressive compression system. The ankle socks with light compression incorporate various comfort elements to support the perfect run. When used frequently, they can be changed often and washed separately.

Features of Sleeves

-Ultra-thin and light

-Resistant to salt water and chlorinated water

Features of Socks

-Cushioning area

-Proprioceptive activation

-Achilles tendon protector


-Improved muscle performance

-Quicker regeneration

-Less muscle vibration

-Minimised blistering

-Minimises the time spent in the changing area

-Total flexibility for individual use