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Recovery Socks


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Give Your Legs The Attention They Deserve

Anyone who achieves top performance deserves the best recovery. This is why SIGVARIS has developed the RECOVERY Compression Socks. The impact of controlled compression on fast and long-lasting regeneration has confirmed by a number of studies. Athletes benefit from less muscle pain and less sport-induced muscle inflammation as well the optimised removal of metabolic products -creatine kinase (CK) and lactates etc. The special fibre TENCEL C with oceanic micro particles (chitosan) opens up a new dimension in skin care. Worn directly against the skin, the fibres simulate cell regeneration, keeps skin moisture in balance, protect it and help to maintain its elasticity.


-The Special fibre TENCEL C controls the moisture and temperature

-Cushioning area

-Safety reflector


-Improved regeneration of strength and endurance

-Extremely high level of comfort

-Ideal as a travel stocking