Constant standing or sitting impedes the flow of blood towards the heart. It takes up to a minute for all our blood (4–6 liters) to circulate once through the human body. Our blood is pumped through the body almost 1500 times a day. This equates to a workload of approx. 7000 liters per day or over two million liters a year. With our veins transporting approximately 7000 liters of blood back to the heart each day, the veins in our legs have an especially difficult job to do because the blood must also overcome the force of gravity to reach the heart.

It has been proven that compression therapy with medical compression stockings is effective in the prevention and treatment of venous diseases, and produces no adverse reactions in users. We fund and participate in studies on venolymphatic disorder. As a result, we enhance general knowledge in the field of compression therapy. Scientifically established evidence enables us to develop products that fit perfectly for our customers’ well being. Here we would like to share that knowledge with you. 


Venous Disorders - Diagnosis and treatment


Venous disorders brochure

Acute and chronic venous disorders are among the most common ailments affecting the population. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of these conditions, patients are treated by numerous specialist disciplines. These primarily include phlebology, angiology, dermatology, surgery, internal medicine and general medicine. To find out more download our brochure. 

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SIGVARIS Compression Bulletins


Alt TextThe SIGVARIS Compression Bulletin provides summaries of scientific articles and discussions by world-renowned experts in phlebology. It is published twice a year and the subscription is free. The Compression Bulletin is the continuation of the book of Professors Partsch, Rabe and Dr. Stemmer "Compression therapy of the extremities" (Editions Phlébologiques Françaises, 1999) with references of over 4000 scientific articles on compression therapy.

A new list of medical references is provided with each bulletin. All these references are added to the online STEMMER LIBRARY. To subscribe and receive the Compression Bulletin for free, please visit

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